General presentation

-An enigma surrounds the château de Beaujeu. Indeed, nobody knows why the Ménil-Simon family, during the XIVth century abandoned the old property they inherited near the village of Neuilly-En-Sancerre, by different alliances, and constructed the new Beaujeu on the other side of the Sauldre valley, at the bottom of the Sens hill.

-The château which has a stone dated 1566 and the name of Jean du Ménil-Simon, consists of a long regular house between 2 big round towers that jut out from the south facade. Two aisles have been built from these towers.

-Maybe this transfer is due to the charm of the verdant place, with its large lawn which slopes down gently to the river in the small valley.

Historical presentation

-Well restored at the beginning of the XIXth century by Pierre-Maurice de Pommereau who bought it from the queen Marie-Antoinette's lady-in-waiting, the château is not the only interesting building.

-The out-building which borders the access courtyard, in the extension of the limetree alley are very nice as well. Indeed, all the doors are framed with an alternate of white stones and black sandstones. Covered with roofing tiles which contrast with the château slates, the out-building contains the biggest dove-cot in the area.

-Then, do we have to think about the "new" Beaujeu or fall under the charm of the place.

-At the old Beaujeu, only ruins and memory full of mysteries survived because people say that the niece of Richelieu used to live there.
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